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Learn about ASIA Syndrome (AUTOIMMUNE SYNDROME INDUCED BY ADJUVANTS) What is it about and when to consult?

Learn about ASIA Syndrome (AUTOIMMUNE SYNDROME INDUCED BY ADJUVANTS) What is it about and when to consult

What is ASIA syndrome?

It is a set of symptoms that occur in some patients that may or may not be related to implanted prostheses or medical devices. It is also known as a disease caused by implants (Breast Implants Illness). The symptoms are produced by an inflammatory and immunological reaction in response of the organism to these devices.

For more than 20 years it has been known that any device implanted in the body, such as joint replacements, bone fixation plates and screws, heart valves, pacemakers, or any other, can generate this type of reaction, and it is not exclusive to breast implants.

What are the symptoms?

The symptoms usually found are:

  • Muscle aches
  •  Joint pains 
  • Fatigue 
  • Dullness 
  • Memory loss 
  • Tremors
  • Allergies or skin rashes

How is it diagnosed?

The diagnosis of ASIA Syndrome is made after ruling out other diseases that may cause these symptoms. For this it is very important to carry out an assessment by specialists in Rheumatology, Plastic Surgery, Dermatology, Neurology depending on the symptoms, as well as a battery of specialized tests to rule out other pathologies.

“Not all patients who have breast prostheses and one or several of these symptoms have ASIA Syndrome. This is very important, since it is possible that, when the implants are removed, the symptoms persist, if they are due to other diseases.” Explains Dr. Carlos López, plastic surgeon and microsurgeon at Hospital Serena del Mar

Do breast implants cause breast cancer?

No, the FDA (US FOOD AND DRUG ADMINISTRATION) has carried out very strict studies and monitoring of these medical devices and the patients who have them, and there is no evidence that the prostheses are related to breast carcinoma. Every woman should perform her monthly self-examination, as well as follow-up and screening studies depending on age and what her doctor indicates, such as breast ultrasound, mammograms and in some cases magnetic resonance studies.

A tumor that is not breast cancer has been reported, which appears in the tissues that the body produces around the implants. This tissue, called the capsule, can, like any other tissue in the body, be the site of tumors. This tumor is known as ALCL (Anaplasic Large Cell Lymphoma) and is a tumor of the defense cells (lymphocytes) and not of the mammary gland. The diagnosis is usually made by the abnormal growth of one of the breasts, in addition to ultrasound studies that confirm the presence of abundant fluid around the implant. This liquid is sent to the laboratory and with specialized immunohistochemical studies it can be determined if it is this lymphoma. Treatment is usually removal of the prostheses and the capsule.

Breast prostheses are safe medical devices, however, like any patient with a device implanted in their body, they must continue with routine follow-up and controls by the plastic surgeon, at least once a year, or in the presence of any alteration. or symptom that occurs.

At the Serena del Mar Hospital in Cartagena we have specialist doctors and subspecialists who have all the expertise to make a timely diagnosis and, if necessary, an ideal treatment for each patient, likewise, we offer a comprehensive service where you will find everything in one place from diagnostic tests, surgical and non-surgical treatments, rehabilitation, until you recover your quality of life.