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Know our specialties

More than 60 Specialties and subspecialties to provide you with world-class health. All in the same place!

Internal Medicine

Internal Medicine is the medical specialty dedicated to the comprehensive care of the sick adult, focused on the diagnosis and non-surgical treatment

Clinical and Molecular Oncology

Leading service in molecular oncology, which makes it possible to provide international quality care with access to the most effective and least toxic

Radiation oncology

This service has state-of-the-art technology that allows for all kinds of radiotherapy treatments, even the most modern, comparable to what is used in


Our Pediatric department is made up of a multidisciplinary team, highly specialized in the management and care of pediatric and adolescent patients


In the general surgery service we focus on the diagnosis and treatment of gastrointestinal surgical pathologies, abdominal wall and soft tissues, from


Neurology is the medical specialty that deals with the study and management of diseases that affect the central and/or peripheral nervous system.


Urology is the medical-surgical specialty that is responsible for treating benign and malignant pathologies and disorders of the urinary system


It is the medical specialty that deals with pathologies of the ear, nose and throat. Consequently, otorhinolaryngology focuses on the prevention


Neurosurgery is responsible for the care of adult and pediatric patients with pathologies of the central nervous system, skull and spine that could be

Mental health

Mental health is defined by the World Health Organization (@OMS) as a state of well-being in which each individual develops their potential, can cope

Palliative care

Service that is intended to accompany the patient from diagnosis and during all stages of the disease with the intention of controlling the symptoms


Nutrition and dietetics aims to maintain nutritional status and prevent chronic diseases through a balanced and healthy diet that meets the energy and


Anesthesiology is the specialty of medicine that deals with the total perioperative care of patients, that is, before, during and after surgery; It


It is the specialty of medicine that uses different imaging modes to see organs, tissues and internal structures of the body with the aim of helping

Emergency medicine

Emergency Medicine is a field of practice based on the knowledge and skills necessary for the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of the acute and

Minimally invasive surgery

It is about operating by making small incisions, which reduces pain and less recovery time, we have advanced technology and specialists with extensive