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Nuclear Medicine

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Único PET – CT en Bolívar


Unique PET – CT in Bolívar
Estudios realizados en 2022


studies carried out in 2022
Acerca del servicio
About the service

We provide a service with the highest quality and safety standards in nuclear medicine. We have an exceptional human team, made up of specialist doctors and health professionals trained in this specialty.


This area of ​​the Serena del Mar Hospital has hybrid equipment that allows us to have morphological and functional images.

It is equipped with the only PET-CT in Cartagena for studies with FDG and PSMA, a state-of-the-art gamma-camera that includes a Spec CT, and availability of metabolic therapy for diagnosis as treatments.

Studies we carry out
  • Total bone scintigraphy. 
  • Bone scintigraphy with SPECT CT.
  • 3-phase bone scintigraphy with SPECT CT.
  • Myocardial perfusion with SPECT TC and Gated.
  • Isotope ventriculography.
  • Parathyroid scintigraphy with SPECT CT.
  • Thyroid scintigraphy.
  • Somatostatin receptor scintigraphy for NETs.
  • Scintigraphy of salivary glands.
  • Total body scan with I-31 with SPECT TC.
  • Hepatobiliary scintigraphy.
  • Splenic scintigraphy.
  • Gastric emptying scintigraphy.
  • Scintigraphy of ectopic gastric mucosa.
  • Gastroesophageal reflux scintigraphy.
  • Kidney scintigraphy with DMSA.
  • Baseline renogram and with diuretic.
  • Post transplant renogram with SPECT TC.
  • Direct and indirect cystoscintigraphy.
  • Lung ventilation/perfusion scintigraphy.
  • Pulmonary perfusion scintigraphy.
  • Sentinel lymph node scintigraphy (breast, genitals, skin) with SPECT CT if necessary.
  • Lymphoscintigraphy of limbs.
Metabolic Therapy
  • I-131 lowe dose (until 30mCi).
  • Radio 223.
PET/TC with FDG and PSMA
  • PET/TC Oncological.
  • PET/TC No Oncological: Neurological such as dementia and epilepsy, infectious such as endocarditis, spodylodiscitis and inflammatory processes such as vasculitis, sarcoidosis etc.
Why choose us?
  • At Hospital Serena del Mar we have the only PET - CT in Cartagena, to perform diagnostic tests and follow-up of oncological, inflammatory, cardiological and neurological diseases. 
  • In our Nuclear Medicine service we carry out metabolic therapies, which is a treatment with radioisotopes that brings great benefits to the recovery of patients with some pathologies such as thyroid cancer, prostate cancer and neuroendocrine tumors, among others.
When to consult?

Patients who come to the nuclear medicine service are referred by a specialist in oncology, urology, orthopedics, surgery, and pediatrics, among others. Whose objective is to carry out the study for a subsequent treatment or the realization of metabolic therapy according to the medical indication.

Our subspecialties and medical team

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